Beyond the Trail

The recent Languages of Singapore Trail at the 1st Kristang Language Festival has brought together representatives from 15 of Singapore's minority languages (Baba Malay, Banjarese, Bengali, Boyanese, Bugis, Cantonese, Gujarati, Hainanese, Hakka, Javanese, Kristang, Malayalam, Minangkabau, Punjabi, and Singapore Sign Language) and one from Macau (Maquísta, a sister of Kristang), to share their languages with Singaporeans young and old. What's next?

How can our different language communities continue to encourage those around us to preserve our shared heritage in the future? Join us for an informal sharing session on the best practices for linguistic and intangible cultural heritage preservation and revitalisation on 3 June (Sat) morning.

Free and open to everyone regardless of expertise, language experience, and background.

About Kodrah Kristang

Founded in early 2016, the Kodrah Kristang (‘Awaken, Kristang’) initiative was the brainchild of NUS linguistics undergraduate Kevin Martens Wong; it seeks to revitalise Kristang in Singapore by teaching the language to a new generation of Singaporeans. With less than 100 speakers of Kristang left in Singapore—an estimated 50 speakers are fluent but are also mostly older—we are close to losing a priceless piece of Singapore’s multilingual and multicultural landscape forever. Kodrah Kristang aims to change that reality through awareness, education and collaboration with the community to restore Kristang to vigour in the Lion City, and preserve a unique part of Singapore’s intangible cultural heritage.

The multi-ethnic Kodrah Kristang core team consists of six passionate youths—Andre D’Rozario, Anirudh Krishnan, Frances Loke Wei, Fuad Johari, Kevin Martens Wong and Luís Morgado da Costa—who design and facilitate Kodrah Kristang’s free beginner Kristang classes in conjunction with many of the remaining native Kristang speakers in Singapore. Classes have reached 233 learners in under a year and will continue to be open to all. Beng papiah kung nus! Come speak with us!

Kodrah Kristang has been featured on the BBC, Channel NewsAsia, The Straits Times, OurSG, The AlumNUS, 新明日报, Sábado, SG Now, 938LIVE, The Independent, Revista Macau, Observatório da Língua Portuguesa, TODAY, and The New Eurasian.


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Sat Jun 3, 2017
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM SGT
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Seminar Room 1, College of Alice & Peter Tan, National University of Singapore
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8 College Avenue East Singapore
Kodrah Kristang